The Bar and Grille

  We removed the 10 year old deck this past fall.  (Maybe that’s a whole other post).  It was starting to show it’s age, and I had some rot isses around the back door that meant I had to remove part of the deck anyway to get at it. In it’s place, we had a …


Fantasy Football Helmet

First Project, circa 2003.  I created a full size mockup of a helmet for my fantasy football team.  Why?  Why not? I had been saying for 10 years I was going to do it, I found the helmet for almost free, and the hords dirt cheap on EBay.  Did you know horns are hollow?  Yeah, …


VMWare and Windows 8

So I finally have a newer box to code, surf  and play with in my office at home.  (Thanks to the latest WOOT-OFF).  An HP with a quad core amd, 10 GB of RAM, and a beefy disk is just what the doctor ordered.  Is it a monster?  Hellz no, but it’s more than enough …


First Guitar Post

First shot at refinishing a guitar.  Took a strat copy I got on Ebay for 40 bucks.  Stripped it, painted it yellow, put on 10 coats of poorly applied lacquer, and installed the Ford logo (to match my car).  And Voila, the iChum guitar.