What’s in the box?

Over the weekend, I put the finishing touches on the patio box that I started last weekend.  I wanted a mini project that would use the metal studs, and the Durock cement board and the cedar facing, so I could practice the cutting and assembly techniques  I had read about.   And for about the same price as one of those plastic resin Rubbermade ones, I have some hand crafted love that weighs well over 100 pounds and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I haven’t decided if I will seal it or let it weather naturally.



And it’s big enough inside, and hopefully dry enough, to store the cushions for the bar stools (which I still haven’t picked out yet) and for the top of this bench.  At least  think it’s roomy enough inside



Meanwhile, all the planters and other flora around the patio are thriving and willing me to finish this thing so every can sit around and drink my beer all Summer long.  Or box of Sangria.  Or whatever Heidi has laying around.



Oh yeah, the bar.  it’s coming along.  Most of the verticals are in, and now I am starting to measure and cut the caps for each section.  I still need to work out the exact details of the bar overhang and getting that secure enough to hold up 2 or 3 clumsy Sangria hounds, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.  Framing should be done this weekend.  Then it’s on to electrical and sheet rocking the outside of the thing.