VMWare and Windows 8

So I finally have a newer box to code, surf  and play with in my office at home.  (Thanks to the latest WOOT-OFF).  An HP with a quad core amd, 10 GB of RAM, and a beefy disk is just what the doctor ordered.  Is it a monster?  Hellz no, but it’s more than enough to do what I want, and more.

Every time get a new box, the first thing I usually do is spend a half day setting up dual boot of Ubuntu or some such flavor.  But this time, now that I have the RAM and disk to spare, I went with VMWare on top of the Windows 8 that shipped with the machine.  What a God send this is.  I can run any other OS I want in a VMWare player, and still have the nicities that a MS Operating system offers me.  Simple file sharing, consistent interfaces for the kids and the Mrs, networking that just works, irfanview and sketchup, etc.  And I can mess around with Linux at my leisure, using the tools I depend on there as well (GIMP, InkScape, Blender all spring to mind).

I found no problems installing VMWare player, and since I already had the ISO for Unbuntu, it was a cake walk to get that set up as well.  Color me a convert.