I’ve been framed.

Good thing I had my tetanus shot recently, because today was brutal.  But after fighting the wind and pop up showers, the whole thing is finally framed.  As Sean says, for the most part, it is level-ish.  There are a few  parts where things got a little out of kilter, but nothing that will affect the over all look and functionality of the project.  I will probably test fit the grill soon to make sure it really does fit.  And then it’s time to get my electric guy over here and run the power and get the receptacles in.

And as you can see at the end, I did end up putting a coat of Thompson’s Water Seal Clear on the bench, and it really made the thing pop.  Looking forward to the same look on part of the box as well.  So electric, sheetrock the whole thing, put in the receptacles, install stone veneer and cedar, and last but not least, put on the tile for the countertop.  Baby steps.