Live and Learn (and Learn, and Learn)

It’s been a while, and a bit has happened with the project over the last two weeks.  I can usually get an hour or two in between torrential downpours on most nights.  Of course, some of that was electrical work, so I had to wait a few days.  The weather-proof outlets are in and the outlet covers are on.   Ok, actually they are done for the second time, as the first tine I installed them, I realized that when I put the countertops on, the outlets would have been covered.  Live and learn.



I also dry fit the grill to make sure I hadn’t botched the opening size, and I am happy to say it is pretty much right on target.  I have some lines around the bottom of the grill where I will be putting backsplash instead of cedar, due to the heat of the grill.  And yes, it goes right through the door openings.  Which of course means I had to put new board on there to make smaller openings for the doors.  Still living and learning.  I like stepping back and looking at the thing as whole from time to time.  Man, I really want to get this thing done and get on with the invites for beers, margaritas and grilling.


Now, the big part this week, of course, was the stone work on the outside of this beast.  I finally found the manufactured stone I wanted (after searching all over town and the whole internet)  at Columbus Builders Supply, 5 miles from my house.  I would really like to do less learning and more living once in a while.  The stone arrived, Sean and I carried the 6 100lb cases in to the back yard, and then I looked at what needed to be done.  I have never mixed mortar in my life, nor put up any kind of stone.  I thought I could do it, but then I thought better of it.  If I screwed up the mortar mix, I would have faux-stones falling off the bar and landing on my well fed and hopefully slightly tipsy friends.  So I called up my buddy Steve Andrews, and got a name of a good stone guy.  He may or may not be good, because he immediately subbed it out to Pablo Silva.  Pablo and his buddy Miguel showed up at 9:45 AM, and they were gone by noon, completing a job in 2 hours that would have taken me days.  A few hundred bucks very well spent.  So now it’s easy to see where the cedar will be as well.







Next up is the countertop.  I think we have decided against 5/8″ thin tile for the top and we are now going with slab 1.5″ granite.  (First use of We for this project, as Heidi really rallied to think about how long before I had to replace the thin tiles.)  This thing will last 30 years.  At least I hope so.  It might be a few weeks before that is ready for install, so this might be it for updates for a while.