Taking Nothing for Granite


I realized I hadn’t even made a post after installing the cedar facing on the inside of the island. I think the look is dead on, even if the execution isn’t 100%. The saw got away from me a couple times cutting out the doors, but other than that, I am very happy with it. The cedar also is being used to complete the facing under the bar top, to carry the theme all the way around. With the cedar and stone in place, I have a feeling I will be tinting the patio a more brown hue to cut down on the red, and bring everything in to the same general palette. Or not.

After a little bit of haggling with the Mrs., things ended as they normally do in a man’s world, and she got the counter tops that she thought looked best with the cedar and stone combination. I can’t argue with success, I think they look drop dead gorgeous. While granite was not in the original plans (we had talked about a much less pricey tile counter top) we decided to go with the long run, and invest in something solid and enduring. It knocked the overall project price tag up 40%, but again, it will certainly outlast us and will add to the resale value of the house when we decide to move on. Our friends at Konkus Marble and Granite (http://www.kmgohio.com/) right here in Hilliard set us up with great service and superb craftsmanship. Thanks Geoff and Nicole!

After much consternation about how to hook up a gas grill, I spoke with the grill guys at Specialty Gas House, and they convinced me it was basic DIY to connect the grill to the gas stub I already had coming out of the house. 4 feet of black pipe, a 2 foot natural gas appliance hose and some #5 pipe dope were all that was needed to complete the connection safely and securely. I fired up the Napoleon and watched it hit nearly 700 degrees in no time flat. I’m going to have me some fun with this, and the best part is I will never run out of gas again.

Next up, I need to install the slate-look porcelain tile backsplash, and the little bit of stone to surround the bottom of the grill. A little bit of LED rope lights will complete the night effects I hope. And of course, I need a nice custom cover for the whole island before winter gets here.