I’ve Got You Covered

As I sat and watched the rain pouring down on the patio and the Island, I started to feel really bad for it.  I know it’s only stone, steel and wood, but I still felt bad.  And I knew that water had no choice but to find a way inside the cabinets, as that is what water was meant to do, get dry things wet.   So I called up Columbus Canvas and talked with a lovely woman, Jan, to get a cover made for the island.

1 meeting, 2 emails, and a couple hundred bucks later, I have a custom-fit 1-piece cover for the entire island that will keep out the rain, sun, snow, and yet is a breeze to remove at a moment’s notice.  I can peel away just the grill portion, so it’s quick to cook up dinner, or I can take off the whole thing if we want to sit at the bar and eat as well.

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