Added a Shrimp tank and tidied up the 30 gal

Believe it or not, this is the trimmed version of the 30 gallon tank. I have a population of Cherry Shrimp in there finally. As I didn’t want to muddy the waters, so to speak, I put together a 10 gallon mildly planted tank to house the culls (all non-red Cherry Shrimp) from the 30 gallon. The intent is to sell or donate those as needed, depending on what people need.


The 10 gallon uses simple sponge filters hooked up to an air pump. Perfect for shrimp. In the couple weeks since this shot was taken, the dwarf sags have doubled in number, and I have added a little more java fern to the drift wood. I am battling some BG Algae, but nothing dangerous just yet. I just vacuum it out twice a week until things stabilize.  I have put in over a dozen clear or tan shrimp so far.   Where they hide, I have no idea.