Landscaping done, ready to build.

Now that the landscaping is done and growing, it is time to get to work on the hardscape.  Time to build me a place to cook and serve some grillables.  Stay tuned.



I quickly roughed out the outline, placed some chairs along the bar side, and made sure that there was enough room to not make the place look crowded.  Mission accomplished.




Finally, it’s time to actually cut something.  I put down a layer of composite decking underneath the whole thing to keep it from being in direct contact with the patio blocks.  This should keep moisture from wicking up to the cement board and steel studs, and it will help to even more spread the weight of the structure over the blocks, since I have no concrete footer under here.  That *should* be good enough.  Famous last words, right? As soon as my friends from Menard’s get metal studs delivered (correctly) I can start the process of framing the whole thing in. And the Napoleon grill arrives today as well. The garage is starting to get really crowded. Smartly, I have not ordered the faux stone veneer or the cedar siding for the project, as I know I am weeks away from needing that.