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With our one price for all policy, you can rest assured that you're getting the lowest price across the board independent of the quantity of prospects you submit with your order. Whether you need less than 1,000 skips in a crunch or more than 10,000 skips per month we've got you covered for a low price you can always count on!

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Welcome to skipdaddy™

Skip tracing prospects has never been this simple. At skipdaddy™ we have made it quick and easy for you to get the highest quality data for a fixed low price. Your results will be returned in no time so your business won't miss a beat.

High Capacity

Our system effortlessly handles high volume orders. No list is too large for us to process.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Thanks to our vast data repository, you can rest assured that our match rate is typically above 90%.

Save Money

With top shelf data and one price for all orders, we provide the highest value in the skip tracing industry.

Thorough Analysis

You will receive up to 10 phone numbers and 3 email addresses for the prospects you submit to us.

With Our Knowledge We Guarantee Success

  • Confirmed Addresses
    Our system validates that the address information you’ve submitted is accurate so your direct mail and door knocking efforts hit home.
  • Mobile & Landline Numbers
    We provide up to 5 mobile and 5 landline numbers so you have multiple ways to reach your prospects via your cold calling, RVM, and SMS channels.
  • Email Addresses
    Each of your prospects will be returned with up to 3 email addresses so you can effectively reach them with your email campaigns.

What People Say About Us

“I love using because they give me the highest quality data at the lowest price I can find. Using their service has been a game changer for my business!”

Cecil S.

“I use skipdaddy's contacts for my SMS & cold calling campaigns with great success. Since switching to I've increased my conversion rate by 24% thanks to their top notch data.”

Nick B.

“My choice to switch to as my skip tracing provider is one of the best decisions I've made for my business this year. My cost per deal has hit an all time low since making the switch!”

Alex S.

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